Dresser, painted and stained

My very own IKEA hack of the RAST three-drawer dresser. Knobs were left unpainted and unstained.


Cupcakes wearing beards

Happy birthday to my favorite beard.

Vanilla cupcakes courtesy of Amy Sedaris’ recipe, homemade icing with butter and confectioners sugar colored with a reddish-brown tint, chocolate chips for eyes.

The before…

A little paint, a dissection of a flower print that I bought in Vancouver, BC, and ah!

The after…

Original purchase from the best consignment/resale shop in Houston, the Guild.

My little owlie

I love stuffed animals. I think making 2-D stuffed animals makes them even cuter. Presenting owlie, made with the many scraps of fabric that are begging to be used:


Scarves of the season

Though it’s nearly spring, here are some of the scarves I made this past holiday season. I used a nice lightweight, mottled wool to create an afghan crochet stitch for this one:

And this one’s a half-double stitch crochet (I think) bordered with shells:


Another winter gift that’s just being posted now. This now belongs to my sister, a highly-skilled technogeek with a creative flair and crafty passion of her own. For her December birthday, I also wanted something cute and functional for her iPad. Diligently, I noted the technical specifications from Apple. I sketched my game plan. I cut the blue corduroy fabric. I made the appliques from the lovable panda print (purchased from a Seattle craft fair).

Alas! Cruel stitching, my seam allowance was not enough, and like many other past failures, the iPad did not fit. However, it’s used for many other low-tech purposes, toiletries, etc. She still likes it.



Yes. I’m wayy behind. This cute little girl was the recipient of the hat back in November 2011. She could be eight years old by now! Gahhh..they grow so fast.

Hat is a single crochet simple design, with a handmade owl fabric applique stitched on.