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Another winter gift that’s just being posted now. This now belongs to my sister, a highly-skilled technogeek with a creative flair and crafty passion of her own. For her December birthday, I also wanted something cute and functional for her iPad. Diligently, I noted the technical specifications from Apple. I sketched my game plan. I cut the blue corduroy fabric. I made the appliques from the lovable panda print (purchased from a Seattle craft fair).

Alas! Cruel stitching, my seam allowance was not enough, and like many other past failures, the iPad did not fit. However, it’s used for many other low-tech purposes, toiletries, etc. She still likes it.




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Yes. I’m wayy behind. This cute little girl was the recipient of the hat back in November 2011. She could be eight years old by now! Gahhh..they grow so fast.

Hat is a single crochet simple design, with a handmade owl fabric applique stitched on.


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Gift received!

Best friend receives a congratulatory basket of flowers. My friend is a lifelong avid fan of candy – the sugary, sweet, all-artificial kind. So I wanted to meet her wishes: taffy-centered flowers and candy sticks made this arrangement of sweet posies.

Unfortunately, some of these ingredients were purchased at Michael’s, a day before this WSJ article was published about their latest debit-card scam targeting Michael’s shoppers. Lovely.

Fortunately, Eunice received the candy basket without harm today. First words: “I love it!”

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To celebrate a dear little girl turning a grand old age of 7, I put together a horse-shaped pinata out of a paper bag.
Last year, a friend’s 27th birthday was feted with a Pegasus-shaped pinata, mostly decorated with bits of crepe paper.
This time, I decided to use acrylic paints, glitter, yarn and bits of cardboard.
The shape came together nicely, but figuring out how to suspend the pinata was a bit tricky. This is when I wished I had more engineering skills. In hindsight, I should have punched out two holes and strung it up like the tutorial.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the party, but I saw lots of photos of children wielding a stick and then a little crowd of kids gathering candy on the ground. I hope the horse-pinata fulfilled its short-lived life of duty.

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