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Another winter gift that’s just being posted now. This now belongs to my sister, a highly-skilled technogeek with a creative flair and crafty passion of her own. For her December birthday, I also wanted something cute and functional for her iPad. Diligently, I noted the technical specifications from Apple. I sketched my game plan. I cut the blue corduroy fabric. I made the appliques from the lovable panda print (purchased from a Seattle craft fair).

Alas! Cruel stitching, my seam allowance was not enough, and like many other past failures, the iPad did not fit. However, it’s used for many other low-tech purposes, toiletries, etc. She still likes it.




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Zip! Zip!

Finally, the laminated fabric remnants find a life in these bigger-than-coin-purses, smaller-than-clutches creations.
Detail oversight: zippers are handstitched. One of the purses doesn’t even have a zipper because I cut the fabric too short. So they’re not the sturdiest purses in the world, but I can always reinforce later. Looks first!

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